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Proven Leadership

Josh has dedicated his career to serving our community through public service. As a Town Councilman, Josh has a record of working hard to ensure our friends and neighbors have an affordable and safe environment to live work and raise a family and continues that focus as our Assemblyman.


Cutting Spending

Josh has a strong track record of lowering the tax rate while keeping a cap on spending, increasing resources for police and public safety and prioritizing measures to improve and maintain vital infastructure.


More Jobs

Josh understands that higher taxes hurt businesses, which in turn causes our community to lose jobs. That is why he supports job growth by focusing on long-term property tax relief and taking a stand against escalating costs and mandates.


Protecting Our Families

As a husband and father, Josh knows first-hand the importance of protecting our families and neighborhoods. He has and will continue to prioritize public safety initiatives so that we can all feel safe within our homes. Josh is someone we can count on to fight for us.

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