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Proven Leadership

Josh has dedicated his career to serving our community through public service. As a Member of the New York State Assembly, Josh has a record of being a common-sense legislator who works hard to ensure our friends and neighbors have an affordable and safe environment to live work and raise a family.


Respecting Taxpayer Dollars

Josh has a strong track record of fighting for efficient and effective use of taxpayer dollars, including sponsoring legislation to cut local property taxes, institute a state spending cap, and ensure greater oversight of how New York State spends your money.


More Jobs

Josh understands that higher taxes hurt businesses, which in turn causes our community to lose jobs. That is why he supports job growth by focusing on long-term property tax relief, standing up against escalating state mandates, and pushing back against policies that force New York families and business out of state.


Protecting Our Community

As a husband and father, Josh knows first-hand the importance of protecting our families and neighborhoods. In the Assembly, he has fought against policies that have made our streets more dangerous and spoke out against put criminals before law-abiding citizens, all while supporting law enforcement.

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